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Whatsapp +255784 845 525 | USA No. +1(800)679-0894. info@viewpointadventuressafaris.com
Take yourself to the Crest of Kilimanjaro .

The Quintessence of climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain.

Make Memories on the Kilimanjaro Trekking

Summiting Kilimanjaro Mountain.

What experience will you have after summiting the tallest free-standing mountain and the roof of Africa?. This is the truly unique experience that any Trekker would wish to have. 

 Be among 75000 Mountain trekkers who are annually attempting to summit this iconic mountain of Africa. The equatorial Mountain its peak covered with Perpetual layers of snow throughout the year.

While climbing this Mountain you will enjoy being in the middle of different climate zones each is recognized by its own vegetation, from Cultivated land at the bottom, A thick forest, Heather /Moorland, Alpine desert at the middle before hitting the snow zone at the cap. This Variation of zones makes Kilimanjaro Hiking be the most adventurous trek for any Mountain Climber.

The Great Barranco Valley is among fabulous views which offer an other-worldly vista that you can’t experience anywhere else. Your will spot alien-looking plants, tumbling waterfalls, and a magnificent view of glaciers further up the mountain.

At some point in time when you climbing up you may find yourself ascending above clouds! 

For those who  wish to  have  marvelous photographs of Kilimanjaro’s sunrise and  sunset, at Great Barranco Valley is a unique opportunity that you can’t afford to  miss it 

The gorgeous glaciers near Crater Camp the last point before summiting. This point will make you feel like you are on another planet, whereby one side of the landscape dominated by Ice while the rest has rock domination.

At long last, Uhuru peak summit is on the corner! The epic experience isn’t described easily no matter who you are either a nature lover or a Keen Hiker. 

Make success with the Right Mountain Guide .

Who is our Guide.

The success in trekking Mount Kilimanjaro is completely different from other popular  Mountains. It is commonly known  Mountain Guides are responsible for leading away to the crescent, but Kilimanjaro  Mountain Guides are responsible for everything related to Mountain climbing.

Your Guide has to take care of your duffel bag with gear, your meal to a place where you are going to sleep. From that outlook, you may see the need for a good Mountain guide for your success.

This is why we proud of Having Mr. Thomas a.k.a  JT on our Team.

Mr. “JT”  born and rose from below the slopes  of Mount Kilimanjaro. For over 10 years He has been working as Kilimanjaro Mountain  Local Guide Leader. He has a good record of success for over 200  trips.

If you are guided by Mr. JT the success is assured.

Explore Kilimanjaro Mountain.

Kilimanjaro Routes.

One of the beauties of climbing Kilimanjaro is having  6-7 routes options to choose from to summit at Uhuru Peak. These routes include  Machame, Lemosho, Shira, Rongai, Northern Circuit, for experienced trekkers, the Umbwe route is their best alternative to take.

The Machame Route and Umbwe Route  – Both routes are taking over from the southwest side of the mountain and then use the Southern Circuit via Barafu and Stella Point to approach Uhuru Peak.

Similarly, Shira Route and Lemosho Route approaching the summit from the Southern Circuit and uses the Mweka route on descending.

Marangu Route uses the southeast approach passing via Gilman’s Point. This is the only route with huts for accommodation. 

Rongai Route starts from the North-East then passing the Saddle area which is between Kibo and Mawenzi Peak before reaching Gilman’s point then Summiting. Route uses Marangu Route  For Descending.

 Northern Circuit is the  New and longest one. Here you will approach Uhuru peak from the Northern part of the Mountain like the Lemosho route but here you will veer the mountain before reaching  Lava Tower, again this route uses Gilman’s Point to summiting.

Experience the best Africa Mountain Trekking .

Best time to climb Kilimanjaro.



As Kilimanjaro Mountain is in proximity to the Equator, its Temperature doesn’t have a huge fluctuation at all the year-long. Therefore you can climb at any time. But the preferred time is in the dry season as compared to wet ones. Generally, the wet season routes characterized by having muddy, slippery, and snowy conditions which make the climbing a bit difficult. There fore try to avoid rainy seasons which are from late March to early June.

For the Best  Trekking, choose January to  March where the temperature is mild, skies are fairly clear with some occasional rain intervals during the day. Or else  Choose July and October while the weather at this period is quite cold with clear skies.


Apart from Weather, another fact to take into consideration is the Lunar cycle.

Being on top of Kilimanjaro during the light of a full moon is a magical experience that will never be erased for the rest of your life. For the best timing  plan  your  trip to coincide with a full or nearly-full moon

The Right Team for the your right Vacation.

All our Voyagers share are experiencing a common love of adventure, but life-altering experiences come in a variety of flavours. Travel Styles collect tours based around common themes together. No matter what kind of traveller you are, we’ve got a tour (or a dozen) that’ll fit you just right.
Travel with the right Team.

Why Choose Us.

A decade of managing the African Safari business built us to know what our clients want, Therefore customize our services to fit them. Other reasons why to choose us over others are :

High Quality and Best services

On us, quality and service are going hand in hand. We always go the extra mile to ensure our clients are meeting their holiday Dreams. To achieve these core values we shall closely monitor each step of your safari from booking up to the time you go back home. We always ready to seek any new way which will exceed your expectations.

A personal touch

From the first second, you contact us through email or phone until you safely arrive home again we’ll be together. To start with, you will have your own personal travel consultant who you’ll know by both names and by face, as we’re a small company, you are guaranteed to have a personal service throughout your Holidays in Tanzania.

Friendly and knowledgeable Team.

Our company is teamed up by people who have been in the African Safari industry for more than 10 years to date. Since we have started we have successfully created unforgettable Safari experiences in Tanzania for hundreds of  Holidays Dreamers from all over the world. Every team member has extensive and firsthand knowledge of the African safari and is passionate about what is doing.

What our Clients Says.

Mshana, Thank you and your Team!!!! We have a wonderful holiday as from the day we met, your personal diligence in caring was never ended until when we said goodbye. The word of Thank you is not enough. But we just want to shows up out  1000 thanks for a great time with you on our 6 Days Safari trip!

Mary Anderson.
From New Jersay-USA

We had a fabulous time in Tanzania. I and my teammate had so much beautiful time with you guys. We spotted the Tree-climbing pride of Lion at  Lake Manyara and  Black Rhino at Ngorongoro Crater was well worth it. I am so glad that you let us showed what we want and you did as we dreamed. We are all ready to come back so soon. Thanks again for everything Iddrisa. Everything went smoothly.

San CHen
From Soul Korea.

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